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InSite Wireless Group, LLC constructs, owns, and operates communications facilities primarily for the wireless and broadcast industries. InSite is made up of two operating entities:

InSite Wireless, LLC

Distributed antenna system (DAS) infrastructure solutions


InSite Towers, LLC

Telecommunications towers and sites for wireless carriers


Our Background and Experience

Established by the founders of Mountain Union Telecom LLC, InSite Wireless Group began in 2000 as InSite Wireless, LLC, a separate company started by senior Mountain Union managers as an affiliate business focusing on the in-building segment of wireless infrastructure.

After the sale of Mountain Union Telecom to Crown Castle International Corporation in 2006, InSite Wireless Group was formed as the parent organization to InSite Wireless, LLC and the new tower division—InSite Towers, LLC—was created. Since 2006, InSite Wireless Group has continued to expand in order to meet the evolving technological requirements of its wireless customers. The founders, management, and investors of InSite Wireless Group have been innovators and leaders in the wireless and shared infrastructure industries for more than 20 years.

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